Annual programs

Annual program 2020-2021 (English)

Please note that our meetings from October to December 2020 have been cancelled due to the Corona (COVID-19) situation. From Saturday January 9 we will demonstrate by video and give feedback by mail.

Dear Members,
Welcome to a new season!
Our Ikebana meetings take place every first Saturday each month at 13.00 – 15.30 unless otherwise notified.
Every meeting will include a demonstration for inspiration and learning. After the demonstration members create their own Ikebana arrangements. The arrangements will be reviewed in a positive spirit by the Ikebana masters.
The meetings take place at Tokai University European Center, Vedbæk Strandvej 476, 2950 Vedbæk
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Please note: The Committee Board reserves the right to change the scheduled program if necessary.


Saturday, September 5
Topic: Ikebana arrangement with container made of plastic tubing
Demonstration by Inger Tribler
Members bring a few flowers and ikebana scissors.

Saturday, October 3
Topic: Massed Expression and Composition of Mass and Line
Blue Sogetsu textbook, pp. 36-39
Demonstration by Vivi Woetmann
Container of your own choice.

Saturday, November 7
Topic: Three variations of basic arrangements
Sogetsu Textbook, yellow
pp. 6-9 (Basic Upright Style, Moribana)
pp. 14-15 (Basic Upright Style, Nageire)
pp. 22-25 (Basic Slanting Style, Moribana)
Demonstration by Birgitte Hinnerskov
Members choose one of the arrangements and bring a flat containers (Moribana) or tall container (Nageire).

Saturday, December 5
Christmas lunch
Demonstration by Inger Tribler
Members arrange table decorations in small groups with material donated by the club.
Please note that we meet at 12:00. The lunch costs 225 kr., and members are kindly requested to bring a little present for a lottery game.


Saturday, January 9
Topic: Composing with dried branches, bark or tree roots
Sogetsu textbook 5, pp. 70-73 (pages will be uploaded)
Demonstration by Bente Baierby
Container of your own choice.

Saturday, February 6
Topic: Sketching and Arranging
Blue Sogetsu textbook, pp. 56-57
Demonstration by Setsuko Bergholdt
Members make a sketch of their own arrangement.
Container of your own choice.

Saturday, March 6
Topic: Two or More Containers
Blue Sogetsu textbook, pp. 14-17
Demonstration by Aliza Stern
Flowers and container of your own choice.

Please note: no meeting in April

Saturday, May 1
General Meeting and end of season summer social event
Setsuko Bergholdt will show us the teahouse at Tokai University European Center and talk about the building and teaceremony.

In Friendship through Flowers,
Ikebana – IICC Board members