Annual programs

Annual program 2020-2021 (English)

Please note that our meetings from October to December 2020 have been cancelled due to the Corona (COVID-19) situation. From Saturday January 9 we will demonstrate by video and give feedback by mail.

Dear Members,
Welcome to a new season!
Our Ikebana meetings take place every first Saturday each month at 13.00 – 15.30 unless otherwise notified.
Every meeting will include a demonstration for inspiration and learning. After the demonstration members create their own Ikebana arrangements. The arrangements will be reviewed in a positive spirit by the Ikebana masters.
The meetings take place at Tokai University European Center, Vedbæk Strandvej 476, 2950 Vedbæk
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Please note: The Committee Board reserves the right to change the scheduled program if necessary.


Saturday, September 5
Topic: Ikebana arrangement with container made of plastic tubing
Demonstration by Inger Tribler
Members bring a few flowers and ikebana scissors.

Saturday, October 3 (cancelled)
Topic: Massed Expression and Composition of Mass and Line
Blue Sogetsu textbook, pp. 36-39
Demonstration by Vivi Woetmann
Container of your own choice.

Saturday, November 7 (cancelled)
Topic: Three variations of basic arrangements
Sogetsu Textbook, yellow
pp. 6-9 (Basic Upright Style, Moribana)
pp. 14-15 (Basic Upright Style, Nageire)
pp. 22-25 (Basic Slanting Style, Moribana)
Demonstration by Birgitte Hinnerskov
Members choose one of the arrangements and bring a flat containers (Moribana) or tall container (Nageire).

Saturday, December 5 (cancelled)
Christmas lunch
Demonstration by Inger Tribler
Members arrange table decorations in small groups with material donated by the club.
Please note that we meet at 12:00. The lunch costs 225 kr., and members are kindly requested to bring a little present for a lottery game.


Saturday, January 9 (pr. e-mail)
Topic: Composing with dried branches, bark or tree roots
Sogetsu textbook 5, pp. 70-73 (pages will be uploaded)
Demonstration by Bente Baierby
Container of your own choice.

Saturday, February 6 (pr. e-mail)
Topic: Sketching and Arranging
Blue Sogetsu textbook, pp. 56-57
Demonstration by Vivi Woetmann
Members make a sketch of their own arrangement.
Container of your own choice.

Saturday, March 6 (pr. e-mail)
Topic: Two or More Containers
Blue Sogetsu textbook, pp. 14-17
Demonstration by Aliza Stern
Flowers and container of your own choice.

Please note: no meeting in April

Saturday, May 1 (cancelled)
General Meeting and end of season summer social event

The General Meeting decisions will be made by e-mail.

In Friendship through Flowers,
Ikebana – IICC Board members