Meeting 9 February 2019

The topic of the meeting was ikebana arrangements using unconventional (artificial) materials demonstrated by Mrs Inger Tribler.
Mrs Setsuko Monno Bergholdt welcomed the members and said that in February one celebrates Setsubun (the change of season) by wearing oni (ogre) masks and throwing roasted soy beans around.
The word was then passed on to Inger, who said that she had just been to Helsinki, where she had obtained a certificate which allowed her to teach using the Sogetsu Textbook no 5. Then she created five well prepared arrangements, all very varied and exciting and some in containers that Inger herself had made.
The members then created their own ikebana arrangements, also very imaginative and varied. The arrangements were reviewed by Inger.
Then the members had a nice talk while enjoying coffee and cake.