Meeting 12 January 2019

The topic of the meeting was Origami paper folding with a demonstration by Mrs. Mizuko Ernst.
Mrs. Setsuko Monno Bergholdt welcomed the members and wished everyone a Happy New Year. Setsuko told us that New Year’s Eve in Japan is a very quiet evening. Many people visit Shinto shrines and some people visit Buddhist temples. There is a tradition of eating soup with noodles. The actual celebration is celebrated on January 1, where you eat special New Year’s dishes, including soup with rice cakes There is no fireworks!
Setsuko told us that origami means “folding paper” and that this was originally used by noble families. In Japan an ancient legend promises that if you fold a thousand origami cranes your greatest wishes will come true.
Mizuko had meanwhile folded a lot of cranes and the members eagerly asked how to do it. Many cranes were produced that afternoon, but nobody reached 1000! The meeting ended as usual with coffee and cake and cozy conversation.