Meeting 9 March 2019

The topic of the meeting was “Table arrangements” demonstrated by Mrs Anne-Grete Fogh Sørensen.
Mrs Setsuko Monno Bergholdt welcomed the members and explained that on March 3, Japan celebrates the “Girls’ day” to wish them a happy and healthy life. Setsuko shared samples of small sweets that are enjoyed on this day.
Then Anne-Grete took over and explained the rules for a table arrangement. It must be visible from both sides and it must not be taller than the distance from the elbow to the wrist.
Anne-Grete told us that table arrangement often are arranged directly on the tablecloth, but that this method lacks the sight of water, which is so fascinating. However, one must make sure that the surface of the water is completely clean, as it is displayed on a dining table.
Anne-Grete revealed various tricks and said that everything is allowed as long as you can’t see the tricks.
The demonstration ended with a “street”arrangement. The flowers, with all leaves removed, stand in line so that they can “talk” to each other. The Kenzans were covered with stones. The meeting ended with coffee and pastry.