Annual programs

Activities 2015-2016

Ikebana meetings take place every 2nd Saturday each month at 13.00-15.30

Every meeting will contain a demonstration whose purpose is to stimulate inspiration and learning. Thereafter, members will work on their own arrangements, which will be reviewed together.

NOTE! The Committee reserves the right to change the scheduled program in case of withdrawals and illness.

Regarding our 50-years Jubilee on 10. October, a special program will be sent out  to members.

We hope that you will participate in making our jubilee something special by making an Ikebana arrangement. Should you wish to contribute with such an arrangement, then kindly contact the Committee before 12. September. Your planned arrangement may be reviewed on that day as usual.

Saturday 10. Oktober: Our 50-years Jubilee celebration will take place at Tokai University European Center from 11.30 to 17.00 hours.

A special program will be sent out beforehand.

Reserve this day, we are looking forward to seeing you.

Saturday 14. November: Basic Upright Arrangement

Starts at 12:00
Ms. Birgitte Hinnerskov will demonstrate.

Bring along flowers, branches and container of your choice.

Saturday. 5 December:   Christmas Lunch at  12.00 p.m

Demonstration by Ms. Gerda  S . Pedersen and Ms. Aliza Stern.
They will demonstrate an exciting New Year’s arrangement.

Again this year there will be a Christmas lottery with fine prizes.
Price: 250,00 kr.


Saturday 9. January: Arrangement without Kenzan.

Suiban without Kenzan. Sogetsu Textbook, blue book, p. 105.

Bring along container, branches and flowers that are designed to stand or support each other – possibly low branches.

Saturday 13. February: Morimono – fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Ms. Aliza Stern will demonstrate.
Sogetsu textbook, yellow, pp. 108-109.

Bring along container, fruit, greenery and flowers of your choice.

NOTE. You may bring a container for exchange or sale.

Saturday 12. March: Table Arrangement.

Ms. Setsuko will demonstrate.

Sogetsu Textbook, yellow p. 65.

Bring along flowers and container of your choice.

Tuesday 26. April : General Assembly 12.00 p.m. 

We will hold our General Assembly at Tokai University European Center.

Following the General Assembly at 13.00, we will have a delicious lunch and pleasant get-together.

Payment: 200 kr.

Saturday 21. May: Excursion to Zen-Garden, Vedde 4295 Stenlille.

We round the year off with a pleasant excursion to Stenlille.                                  Invitations and further information will be sent out later.