Annual programs

Activities 2014-2015

Ikebana meetings are held 2nd Saturday every month 13:00 to 15:30. 

Following an inspiring demonstration, members will execute their own arrangements to be exhibited together.

If a member wishes an evaluation of their arrangement, a fully qualified teacher will be available to assist.

Note: The Committee may change the program in case of declared absence or illness.

September 13. – Saturday
Mass and line.
Own choice of container.
Seasonal flowers and branches of your choice.
Arrangement appears in in Sogetsu instruction book 3, pages 38-39.
Demonstration by President Ms. Setsuko Bergholdt.

October  11. – Saturday
Ms Inger Tribler has participated in the Ikebana International European Yearly Meeting in Berlin, including instruction by Ms. Akane Teshigahara. Ms. Tribler will talk about the meeting and demonstrate her interpretations of Ms. Teshigahara’s teaching.

Free style.
Container, seasonal flowers and branches of your choice.

November 08. – Saturday
Free  style.
Bring an interesting or unusual container.
Seasonal flowers and branches of your choice.
Demonstration by Ms. Irene Schmidt.

December 06. – Saturday
Christmas Lunch. NOTE: 12:00 am.

Demonstration by President Ms. Setsuko Bergholdt.
Subject: New Christmas present packaging?
“What can Furoshiki, a square cloth, be used for?”
Again this year there will be a a Christmas lottery with exciting surprises.

Price: 250 DKK.


January 10. – Saturday
Arrangement in low container, classic basic Sogetsu.
Seasonal branches, preferably “mazu”.  Flowers of your choice.
Ms. Aliza Stern will demonstrate, inspired by a recent vacation in Japan.                           

February 14. – Saturday
Japanese culture.
Sumi-e, Japanese painting on paper using brush and tusch.
Introduction with President Ms. Setsuko Bergholdt.

March 14. – Saturday
Easter eggs made with Japanese paper. Instruction by Ms. Lis Madsen.
Cranes made with Japanese paper. Instruction, by Ms. Aliza Stern.
Materials will be provided, and extra paper can be purchased. 

April 28. – Tuesday
Annual General Meeting. 12:00 am.
Tokai University European Center.

Lunch at 13:00

Price: 200 DKK.

Please consider the following: Summer excursion in June? Where to?
Minimum of 20 participants required, if shared transport is to be arranged.

May 09. – Saturday
A small Spring/Summer flower party, with SOFI catering.
Demonstration of Ikebono School.
Bring your choice of container along with seasonal flowers and branches. Demonstration by Ms. Hanana Fathi Roswall.