Activities 2018-2019

Ikebana meetings take place every 2nd Saturday each month at 13.00-15.30

(Except: November, January, May, as well as April’s general assembly, please be noted).

Every meeting (except January) will contain a demonstration of which purpose is to stimulate inspiration and learning.  Thereafter, members will work on their own arrangements, which will be reviewed together.

Please NOTE! The Committee reserves the right to change the scheduled program in case of withdrawals and illness.



Saturday  8. September
Theme: Arrangement without Kenzan (needle holder) in flat container (Suiban).

Demonstration by Ms.Bente Baierby.   Sogetsu Textbook: 4-18 (pp.103-105).

Flowers and branches from your surroundings.

Saturday 13. October
Theme: Try to use two or more containers to make an arrangement.

Demonstration by Ms.Bente Baierby  Sogetsu Textbook: 3-4 (pp.14-17).

You are to choose flowers, branches, leaves or whatever, which match with containers in its entirety.

Tueseday  6. November
Please NOTE !
We are meeing at Tokai University Euroean Center in Vebæk, at 14:30-

17:30, for an afternoon Workshop and Ikebana history.

The club see to containers and kenzans (for those who are in need of). Flowers will be donated by the club.

Please sign up (attendants must be registered).

Saturday 8. December
Christmas lunch  – Please note!  It starts at 12:00 pm.

Demonstration by  Ms.Setsuko Bergholdt

Members sitting at every table shall make Ikebana out of the materials lying on the table.

Enjoy also Christmas lot drawing before coffee time.

Price: 250 kr.



Saturday  12. January
Theme: Origami (Paper-folding skills) in white Washi (Japanese handmade paper), which can be used in the combination of Ikebana arrangement.

Demonstration by Ms. Mizuko Fukazawa Ernst.

Saturday  9. February
Theme: Demonstration by Ms. Inger Tribler, who wil show some arrangements from the latest workshop she has participated in.

More information of the theme will be sent to each member by mail later.

The club members is welcome to bring her (his) own container(s) to exchange or to sell.

Saturday   9.  March
Theme: Table decorations

Demonstration by Ms. Anne-Grete Fogh Sørensen

Container and flowers according to your own choice.


Tuesday 23. April
General Meeting – Please NOTE!  12:00 pm.(生花インターコペン支部総会)

The GM will be held at Tokai University European Center in Vedbæk strandvej.

After the meeting, a nice lunch is served in a friendly atmosphere.

Pris 200 kr.


Saturday  4. May
Theme: Shoka Shimpûtai ( Ikenobô ) with spring flowers and branches.

Demonstration by Ms.Bodil Kuhn.

Hereafter we are enjoying with drinks and tapas, before breaking up for the summer.


In friendship through flowers,

Ikebana – IICC Board members