Invitation to The Exhibition of IKEBANA, the Art of Japanese Flower Arrangement 生花, October 2013

This exhibition, organized by the Copenhagen Chapter of IKEBANA INTERNATIONAL (World-wide organization with its head quarter in Tokyo, Japan), presents Japanese Ikebana flower arrangements. The exhibition features an exceptional variety of flower arrangements made with seasonal flowers, branches and any other kinds of materials, combined with a wide range of flower containers.

The flower arrangements are to be presented according to inspiring themes that would make anyone feel the beauty of the flowers and the harmony of Ikebana. The flower arrangements present the various basic styles of the Ikebana schools mainly from Sogetsu (草月), along with Ikenobo (池坊), Ohara (小原) and other major schools.

You have a chance to get introduced to the art of Ikebana and maybe feel the essence of Ikebana.

Come and experience a unique flower art in Frederiksberg Have!

  • Venue:   Paradehuset of  Frederiksberg Have, Pile Allé, 2000 Frederiksberg.
  • Date:      26 (Saturday) & 27 (Sunday) in October 2013.
  • Opening hours: 10:00 to 18:00 with Ikebana demonstration at 13:00 on both days.

生花インターナショナルコペンハーゲン支部から 秋の展示会御案内


  • 展示会会場:Paradehuset, Frederiksberg Have, Pile Allé, DK-2000 Frederiksberg (フレデリックスベア市公園内 パレードフーセット)
  • 日時:   10月  26日(土)10時~18時  *13時 花のデモンストレーション  27日(日)   同上       *13時      同上

Ikebana Exhibition 2013