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Aktiviteter 2017-2018

Ikebana møderne foregår(næsten) hver gang d. 2. lørdag i måneden fra 13.00-15.30
Der vil til hvert møde (undtagen februar mødet) blive foretaget en demonstration, der har til formål at skabe inspiration og læring.

Herefter udfører medlemmerne deres eget arrangement, der vil blive gennemgået i fællesskab, såfremt de enkelte medlemmer ønsker det.

OBS! Bestyrelsen forbeholder sig retten til at ændre i årsprogrammet.


Lørdag d. 9. september
Arrangement i Ohara School

Demonstration v/Noriko Sugishita

Container og sensommerblomster efter eget valg.

Lørdag d. 14. oktober   
Teknik i høje containere

Der vil blive undervist i små hold

Sogetsu Tekstbook gul, s. 31-35.

Demonstration v/ Setsuko Bergholdt

Høj container efter eget valg.

Lørdag d 11. november  
Bambus container og sensommerblomster

Demonstration v/ Aliza Stern som også fortæller lidt om bambus arter og brugen af bambus i asiatisk kultur.

Container: bambus eller kurv.

Lørdag d. 2. december      
Julefrokost – OBS kl. 12.00

Demonstration v/ Setsuko Bergholdt.

Hvert bord laver selv borddekorationen af materialer, der sættes på bordet.

Vi snakker og hygger os.

Pris 250 kr.


Lørdag d.13. januar   
Tørre og farvede materialer

Sogetsu Tekstbook, blå, s. 88-91

Demonstration v/Inger Tribler

Containere efter eget valg.

Lørdag d. 10. februar      
Foredrag om lægeplanter v/ prof. Leon Brimer

Medlemmerne kan medbringe containere til bytte eller salg.

Lørdag d. 10. marts
Arrangement i Ikenobo School

Demonstration v/ Yusuke Uchiyama

Containere efter eget valg..

Tirsdag d. 24. april          
Generalforsamling – OBS kl. 12.00

Vi afholder vores generalforsamling på Tokai University European Center.

Efter generalforsamlingen er der en lækker frokost og hyggelig sammenkomst.

Pris 200 kr.

Lørdag d.26. maj
Byt kenzan og container med hinanden – for en eftermiddag

Medbring en container med kenzan, begge mærket med navn.

Disse anbringes samlet, hvorefter hver deltager vælger en container til at udføre et freestyle arrangement.

Foreningen donerer blomster.

Vi håber, at I har lyst til at udfordre jer selv til denne anderledes emnedag.

In friendship through flowers,

Ikebana – Bestyrelsen



Princess Marie, Countess Sussie of Rosenborg and Setsuko 10.10.2015

Ikebana International welcomes you to the new season 2016 – 2017

Dear Member,
Ikebana International welcomes you to the new season 2016 – 2017.
First meeting will be Saturday 10th of September at 13:00 – 15:30.

Our meeting takes place generally the 2nd Saturday every month at 13:00 – 15:30,
but, January and April (General assembly) will be different, please note !

Please, see to the information on the first meeting on the year program here.

Our meetings will take place at:
Hellerup Sognegård
Margrethevej 7B, 2900 Hellerup.

The committee is looking forward to seeing you all again. We hope you will find the program interesting, and that as many as possible will attend our meetings.

  • The subscription fee is DKK 550 – for full membership including 3 magazine issues from Japan.
  • Local membership is DKK 300 – .
  • Those who have not paid yet, are kindly requested to pay immediately. If you are not intending to continue the membership, please give your notice to quit your membership to:
    Mrs. Vivi Woetmann, Membership Chairman** (please see to her contact-details in below).
  • Payment via Netbank, to:
    Danske Bank reg. 4420. Account no. 40 90 50 93 30

Please include your full name in payment. It is necessary for our treasurer.
Monthly membership meeting payment is DKK 75 – .
There will be served coffee/tea and a roll or cake at about 14:45 pm.
Any change of address, tel no., or e-mail, please inform to:
Mrs Vivi Woetmann, Bregnevang 25, 4690 Haslev. 22 38 11 22 or by mail to

It will be helpful to know whether you will attend our next meeting. Please put your name on the treasurere’s attendance list. Call Vivi Woetmann for signing up or cancelling, latest the day before.

The committee for 2016 – 2017 consists of the following members:

  • President Mrs Setsuko Bergholdt
  • 1st. VP and Membership Chairman Mrs Vivi Woetmann
  • 2nd.VP and Programme Planner Mrs Bente Baierby
  • Treasurer Mrs Solveig Schmidt Rasmussen
  • Keeper of the minutes Mrs Kirsten Borg
  • Sales table Mrs Gerda Steen Pedersen
  • Secretary/coordinator special events Mrs. Lone Lund

Activities 2016-2017

Ikebana meetings take place every 2nd Saturday each month at 13.00-15.30

Every meeting will contain a demonstration whose purpose is to stimulate inspiration and learning. Thereafter, members will work on their own arrangements, which will be reviewed together.

NOTE! The Committee reserves the right to change the scheduled program in case of withdrawals and illness.


Saturday 10. September:
An arrangement with the flowers from late summer and with mat (basic) (“shiki-mono”of any kinds) will be demonstrated by Mrs. Gerda Pedersen.
Container(flat or tall) and arrangement are of your own choices – free style. Bring along flowers, branches from your surroundings in late summer.
Also, please bring “basic”(mat) of any sort: lacquered plate, bamboo, table mat of one-colored plastic or paper, or whatever you may think good.
The key point to this arrangement is combination of flower or/and
branches from the nature v.s. mat (basic) to be put under.

Saturday 8. Oktober:
Arrangement with leaves only (“Ha-mono”葉物 ). Two or more kinds of leaves which can show different characteristics by rolling up, tearing or overlapping them. Try to discover new features of the leaves.

Demonstrated by Mrs. Setsuko Bergholdt. Sôgetsu Textbook 3-4. pp.63-65. Bring any container of big or small, tall or flat. Free style. Maybe you can add a single flower to this arrangement, if you like.

Saturday 12. November:
Autumn berry branch (“mi-mono” 実物 ) arrangement.
Demonstration by Mrs. Anne-Grethe Sørensen
Tall vase arrangement.
Bring along flowers, berry branches and tall vase of your choice.

Saturday 10, December:
Christmas Lunch at 12:00 p.m, please note!
Demonstration by Mrs. Setsuko Bergholdt
Chritmas arrangement a là Ikebana.
Again this year there will be a Christmas lottery with fine prizes.
Price: 250,00 kr.


Saturday 7. January:
(Not 2nd,but 1st. Sat.)
A big floor arrangement demonstrated by Mrs. Inger Tribler.
Please note this date! She got an inspiration from the Sôgetsu Head master Akane, who had shown at the workshop in Germany in 2014 August.

All members are however to make New Year’s arrangement in free style.
Bring along the typical material for the new year’s decoration in Japan such as Pine/moss tree-branch, white chrysanthemum/lily/rose, or a small portion of red berry branch to make contrast to the white flowers and green/grey branches.

Saturday 11. February:
A brief account of the history of Ikebana by showing pictures by Mrs. Setsuko Bergholdt. “Tate-bana”by Dôbô-shû & Ikenobô, “Cha-bana”茶花 by Sen Rikyû, “Rikka”/ “Seika” of Ikenobô, and “Moribana & Nageire” of modern Ikebana by Ohara/Sôgetsu-schools.
The classic Ikebana is the arrangement to regain the nature in container without drastic change, but from the modern Ikebana point of view, the plant have excess parts. This is why you in Sôgetsu school learn how to make Simplified arrangement to make ‘art’.

You’ll see how to make one material simplified, by removing unnecessary parts from the materials. Sôgetsu Textbook 3-4. pp.76-77. Bring cotainer and flower(s) of your own choice.

Saturday 11. March:
Stone and Flowers as thematic material.
Mrs. Irene Schmidt will demonstrate.
Bring along flowers, branches and stone.
Flat container of your choice.
Stone arrangement of Ikebana may come from an inspiration of Japanese garden, from which you can arrange together with some small stone combinded with flowers/branch in your flat container.

Tuesday 25. April :
General Assembly 12.00 p.m.
We will hold our General Assembly at Tokai University European Center.
Following the General Assembly at 13.00, we will have a delicious lunch and pleasant get -together.

Payment: 200 kr.

Saturday 13. May:
Exchange kenzan and container with each other – just for one afternoon.

Bring along a container with kenzan, but do not forget to put your own name on each of them, because they are to be put on a table mixed up together and are to be chosen by each member to make her own Ikebana arrangement in free style.

Hope you feel like challenging this unusual theme of “improvisation” !

After this, we’ll celebrate the last day of our club-season with wine
and snacks to wish each other for a nice summer to come.