Award to the Chapter President / Pristildeling til formanden

Mrs. Setsuko Monno Bergholdt is awarded  Japanese Foreign Minister’s Commendation prize (as of June 29. 2017)( 平成29年外務大臣表彰受賞) for her effort to spread Japanese culture in Denmark.  She feels very much honored and is proud of the prize on behalf of the committee-members and the club-members of Ikebana International Copenhagen Chapter (IICC).

Fru  Setsuko Monno Bergholdt, formand for Ikebana International Copenhagen Chapter (Københavns afd.), er blevet hædret med det japanske udenrigsministers anbefalingspris  for sin indsats med at udbrede japansk kultur i Danmark. Formanden er beæret og stolt over prismodtagelsen paa klubbestyrelsens- og medlemmernes vegne.

Embassy of Japan in Denmark 

First monthly meeting September 2017

Many club members were met in the first monthly meeting on our IICC’s new season on 9. September 2017, where they participated in arranging Ikebana à la Ohara School.  Some basic  styles of Ohara School were demonstrated and instructed by Master Noriko Sugishita.   The pictures from this workshop are shown here:  Noriko Sensei and her own arrangements in the first row of 4 photos together with  some others by participants.

Activities 2017-2018

Ikebana meetings take place every 2nd Saturday each month at 13.00-15.30

Every meeting (except February’s meeting ) will contain a demonstration whose purpose is to stimulate inspiration and learning. Thereafter, members will work on their own arrangements, which will be reviewed together.

NOTE! The Committee reserves the right to change the scheduled program in case of withdrawals and illness.


Saturday  9. September
Arrangement of Ohara School. (小原流)

Demonstration by Noriko Sugishita(杉下則子) Ohara School Master

A flower vase or bowl, the flowers and branches from late summer surroundings of each participant’s own choice.

Saturday 14. October    
Basic techniques of Ikebana in tall or broad-mouth vase

The details of techniques will be instructed in small groups.

Sogetsu Textbook of yellow cover for 1 & 2 level, pp. 31-35.

Demonstration by Setsuko Bergholdt, Sogetsu School Master (1.grade Somu).

Tall or broad-mouth vase according to each participant’s  own choise.

Saturday 11. November 
Bamboo container with autumn flowers and berry branches

Demonstration by Aliza Stern, who will also tell a  little about  applied arts (応用美術 )of bamboo  in Asian culture.

Container: bamboo basket

Saturday 2. December    
Christmas lunch  – Note!  12:00 pm.

Demonstration by  Setsuko Bergholdt.

Members sitting at every table shall make Ikebana out of the materials lying on the table.

Enjoy also Christmas lot drawing (くじ引き) before coffee time.

Price: 250 kr.


Saturday  13. January   
Dry and colored materials

Sogetsu Texstbook of blue cover for  3 & 4 level, pp. 88-91.

Demonstration by Inger Tribler

Containere according to your own choice.

Saturday 10. February      
Lecture on medicinal herb (薬草)
 – by Prof. Leon Brimer

The club members is welcome to bring her (his) own container(s) to exchange or to sell.

Saturday  10.  March   
Arrangement in  Ikenobo School (池の坊流)

Demonstration by Yusuke Uchiyama(内山祐助)

Container and flowers according to your own choice.

Saturday 24. April
General Meeting – Note!  12:00 pm.

The GM will be held at Tokai University European Center in Vedbæk Strandvej.

After the meeting, a nice lunch is served in a friendly atmosphere.

Pris 200 kr.

Saturday 26. May 
Members are to exchange kenzan and container with each other on this afternoon.

Please remember to put your name on your own kenzan and container.

Those are to be gathered on the table, whereupon every one of you chose a container in order to make your own Ikebana arrangement in free style.

The club donates flowers and branches.

We hope you feel like trying to challenge your creativity on this different thematic occation.

In friendship through flowers,

Ikebana – IICC Board members